If the benefits listed above are not enough, consider these additional attractions:

  • Our salaries are competitive with surrounding districts.
  • Benefits include one sick day per month for each month that the teacher is contracted or the major part thereof. Two days per year may be used for personal leave. As an incentive for good attendance, unused leave is reimbursed to the employee for days in excess of ninety (90) days.
  • Arkansas Teacher Retirement. Arkansas has one of the best retirement systems in the nation, with sound investments resulting in higher monthly payments to retirees. Full retirement benefits are available to employees with 28 years of service. A deferred retirement plan allows teachers to continue working after 28 years of service with the added benefit of larger monthly payments upon final retirement.
  • The district provides life insurance for all full-time employees. In addition, $157.42 of the health insurance premium is paid by the district. There are numerous optional insurance plans available under our tax-advantage cafeteria plan (vision, dental, ICU, cancer, life, etc.)

Bald Knob School District has a wide array of benefits available to employees. To learn more about options and rates, please see this overview of our benefits.

If you have additional questions, please contact Susan Gordon, Accounts Payable and Employee Benefits, at susan.gordon@baldknobschools.org. You can also contact Susan Gordon at:

Bald Knob School District
103 West Park Street
Bald Knob, Arkansas 72010
Telephone: 501-724-3273 ext. 102
Fax: 501-724-6621

For more information about health insurance, visit the Arkansas Employee Benefits division web site at www.arbenefits.org.