Jazz Band

We are excited to add two jazz band periods to our schedule!  This gives band students more opportunities to learn, perform, and audition while playing a genre of music unique to America.  Jazz Band students will be better prepared for ASBOA All Region Jazz auditions, and have opportunities to serve the community by performing at local events or for community service.

Apart from special cases, jazz band students MUST be enrolled in the standard band course for their grade level (7-8 band, Sr. Band).  Those courses still have important, specific studies connected to student musical development that have a higher priority than jazz band. 

Jazz band needs the following instrumentation:

Saxophone (will be taught to interested students, priority flutes and clarinets)
Trumpets (will only be taught if we don't have enough trumpet players)
Trombone (baritone/tuba students can join to play)
Piano (experience preferred)
Guitar (experience necessary)
Bass Guitar (experience preferred)
Drums (Percussionists only)

Experience preferred means that you have experience reading sheet music on the instrument, or you have a good understanding of how to create chords.