Utility Pole Repair

On Wednesday, November 15, 2021, a commodity truck drove through the elementary campus during lunch time after making a delivery to the elementary cafeteria. The commodity truck pulled down a phone line from a utility pole between the safe room and elementary school as students were passing through the area. Three students were injured and sustained what are known now to be minor injuries. 

In response, the district took immediate corrective action. Entergy responded immediately and replaced the previous service pole with a taller pole that will allow for greater clearance from aerial lines. Additionally, Delk Construction rehung fallen fibers and cabling. The Bald Knob School Board and Administration extend many thanks to both Entergy and Delk. 

Looking forward, the district remains committed to ensuring the safety of all students. Traffic protocols within the perimeter of the district are being reviewed to prevent future potential hazards to student safety. Additionally, the district received approval from the Arkansas Division of Public Schools Academic Facilities and Transportation to bury power lines within the perimeter of the district’s campus around the elementary school last school year. The project is necessary and more tangible today after this unfortunate incident than ever before. In April, the district anticipates approval or denial of partnership funds for the project. If granted, the district will share the cost of the project with the state.