Who's Who

Bald Knob High School held its annual Who's Who award ceremony today. Congratulations to the following seniors that were recognized:  

Mr. BKHS-Drae Busselle
1st Runner-Up-Leason Pierce
2nd Runner-Up-Miguel Nava
3rd Runner-Up-Cache Wright
4th Runner-Up-Braden Davis

Miss BKHS-Madyson Shoebottom
1st Runner Up-Tayden Hamrick
2nd Runner-Up-Sarah Kate McAnelly
3rd Runner-Up-Molli Pierce
4th Runner-Up-Reigiana Ward

Beauty & Beau:
Beauty–Grayson Passmore
1st Runner-Up-Allie Wolford
2nd Runner-Up-Mary Bryant
3rd Runner-Up-Reigiana Ward
4th Runner-Up-Madyson Shoebottom

Beau-Leason Pierce
1st Runner-Up-Marcus McGahee
2nd Runner-Up-Nathan Coombe
3rd Runner-Up-Tyson Roberson
4th Runner-Up-Dane Lindsey

Best All Around
Hunter DeFlorian & Madyson Shoebottom

Most Likely to Succeed
Alejandro Flores & Kaylee Watson

Most Likely to Make You Laugh
Drae Busselle & Sarah Kate McAnelly

Most Athletic
Marcus McGahee & Reigiana Ward

Most Talented
Jagger Asikainen & Rose Pace

Most School Spirited
Nate Coombe & Reese Brimer

Best Dressed
Dane Lindsey & Molli Pierce

Best Personality
Mason Hartle & Tayden Hamrick