Thrive Leadership academy

Marcy Dugger (Director of Student Services & Federal Programs), Angela Kindrex (Principal, Bald Knob Middle School),  and Lisa Moore (Principal, Bald Knob High School) attended the first session of Arkansas THRIVE Leadership Academy. The Academy was a multi-day training program for Arkansas educators focused on helping school leaders create, support, and promote positive behavior and mental health within their schools.

Participants from across Arkansas learned about preventative techniques, strategies for de-escalation, and tactics to provide positive support. These topics included learning how to recognize internal and external biases about behavior, identifying signs of stress or trauma that may have effects on student's behavior, and learning how to build and support an internal behavioral team that will reach the needs of every student.

We are thankful for their commitment to help support positive behavior and mental health in our district and schools. To learn more about AR Thrive Academy go to