Fleet Feet

Every year BKXC athletes collect sponsors for the season.  The athletes participate in a run-a-thon after collecting sponsorships.  During the Run-a-thon, athletes run for 2 hours on the track in shifts to get in as many laps as possible during the event.  They then take and use the money raised to make purchases like athlete running shoes, team shirts, activities, and more.  

The Fleet Feet trip began as a way to get each athlete good quality running shoes. Fleet Feet is located in Little Rock.  Fleet Feet has technology that scans each athlete's foot in order to determine what type of shoe is best for them.  Not all running shoes are made equal for every type of foot.  With the process athletes are able to try on and pick out which shoe feels best.  

Coach Natalie Rouse wants to inform the athletes on how important good shoes are for a runner.  She states, "In order to take care of yourself and to make sure to have longevity in being active we have to take care of our feet."